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5 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

I recently noticed a few white hairs and instead of freaking out, I am actually excited.

healthy hair tips

In all my 38 years of life, I have never colored, highlighted nor been to hairstylist on a regular basis..only for trims.

I told myself that the second my hair starts to lose its color pigment, I would finally for the first time bleach, color, highlight & experiment with my tresses.

However, until I take the bold steps into becoming a blonde, I still want t continue to take care of my hair.

Summer sun, especially in Israel, makes my hair dry. The salty water of the sea and the chlorinated pools are not much help either in keeping my hair soft and full.

Since, I do not like to use products with chemicals that will further damage my locks, I put together a list of natural remedies you can use to maintain healthy hair.


coconut glow

Coconut oil is one of my favorite products. I use it for everything from my skin to my food and now for my hair.

Use the coconut oil as a hair mask.

The oil of the coconut will condition your hair deeper and faster than other conditioners. It repairs split-ends, creates a healthy glow to your hair and moisturizes the scalp.

Take a scoop of the oil. Place throughout your hair. Place a shower cap or towel to wrap your hair in and leave in between 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on your schedule) The longer you leave it in your hair the better it works!


aloe vera hydrates

Luckily for me, I have an aloe-vera plant growing right outside my apartment building so I have free daily access. It is a natural healer so every time I have a wound or burn, I run down to take some of the (very bitter) aloe-vera juice secretly stored inside the rough looking exterior.

First off, the plant contains aloenin which is known to be a natural hair growth stimulator.

You can blend aloe vera with water and avocado oil and create a spritzer which will hydrate the driest of hairs.


avoid shampoo

This may sound strange, however, I highly advise to steer clear of shampooing on a regular basis if you want your hair to keep its natural oils.

This certainly applies to the summer season more than any other time. Washing frequently strips the scalp from its natural oils. You want to give time for your scalp to produce oil and re-balance itself after pool or sea water. This is really important for creating moisture in the hot summer sun.

Try rinsing your hair with just water and shampooing only 2-3 times a week at most. You can also use a DIY natural dry shampoo like cornstarch.

Another option is to soak a cotton ball with witch hazel oil and dab it along your scalp to dissolve excess oil.


avoid overheating

Say no to blow dryers, flat irons and anything that will create more heat on your hair.

The sun creates so much heat already on your head that adding more will only increase dryness.

It is best to just let your hair naturally air dry.

Tip #5: COVER IT UP!!

beach yoga

I teach yoga 3 times a week outdoors- facing the beautiful Mediterranean sea. The location is perfect, however, there are many times when there is just enough shade for my students and I am exposed to hot sun.

Covering my hair is critical to keeping it moisturized and soft. It is difficult for me to teach with a hat on, so I opt for a scarf or wrap my cardigan on my head.

Keep your head covered as often as you can when exposed to the sun. The UV rays will make your hair dry and cause hair-color to fade quickly. Wearing a protective layer over your hair, like a hat or scarf, will keep your hair healthy especially when at the beach, pool or lakeside.

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