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Quickie Yoga was created to bring the benefits of yoga to your busy day.


The service includes a 10-30 minute series of stretches and meditation right at your desk, conference room, convention, summit, off-site or meetings.


Sharon Bachar


Head of people Israel, Russia & CEE

"Maya is a professional yoga teacher with vast experience in mindfulness yoga.

I have seen her assisting people with anxiety, stress from work, physical aches and more.

By introducing her quickie yoga technique she was able to help them increase their focus and relax their mind and by that become more productive in their day to day.

I strongly recommend Maya’s quickie yoga technique, I have no doubt that it brings value to people and to the environment at work."



Founder 'Alchemy Healing'

"Maya has the skills and expertise to work with large groups in connecting them to their body, mind and soul through her series 'Quickie Yoga.'  Highly recommend Maya for your organization"

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