Maya Kramer 

Body, mind, & soul expert.

Yoga instructor. Alchemist

Oracle. Aromatherapist..

Maya's method has helped thousands to lead a life of balance, feel in full alignment, get back into their inner power and find true happiness.

 Her alchemy sessions are based on the Amanda Ronson method which removes emotional and physicl blockages.

The foundation of Maya's practice combines the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey. 

Through the integration of mind, breath and movement, she strives to raise awareness in others to reach a balanced life and overall wellbeing.

What students are saying:

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Natalie Lahav

Tantric Healer

"Maya has made my life more beautiful, peaceful and enjoyable. She has filled it up with joy, love and good intentions and I think that any person who is looking to better their lives should work with her, she is a true miracle worker."


Riki Schwartzman

Talma Travel

"Maya has been my yoga instructor for over 8 years and has taught me how to be mindful, how to breathe and be a better person.  She has helped me manifest things in my life and guided me through creating positive changes for myself."


Shiran Yeini

Soccer Player

Captain of Maccabi Tel Aviv

"As someone who never really connected to yoga, I can say that if you give in to this kind of training you can achieve tremendous relaxation. The training with Maya is versatile and can be taken in all kinds of directions. Whether its stretching, strength or relaxation and breathing, Maya builds strong, good workouts that contribute to the body and mind."