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Should I get a dog?

"man's best friend"

We are faced with certain decisions in life that we may not have the answer right away to them and need to just listen to ourselves.

So, here is my dilemma....

In my last meditation, I asked my spirit guides for a sign. A face of a dog appeared with a white light surrounding it.

What does this mean?

My daughter has been asking for a dog for over a year now and my answer has always been "no" knowing that all the responsibility would 'fall' on me.

I told her that when she is old enough to walk a dog (whenever that will be) or when we move to a home with a yard (whenever THAT will happen..) then we can get a dog. So, basically the answer is always a straight up "no."

My husband says he "will take care of it", he "will wake up early to walk it" and he "will pick up the poo." I say there is a reason why a dog is a "man's best friend." However, I believe that a dog is the responsibility of everyone in the home and the love should be shared all around.

What is holding me back?

Could the dog be representing something bigger?

Most probably yes.

There is a reason why it has appeared in my meditation as I was asking my spirits for guidance.

In Shamanism, dogs represent protection, devotion and loyalty.

An actual living Dog can be a Divine messenger and helpmate too. Some people believe that they are drawn to humans who show service and loyalty to others.

They are also a mirror to their owners adapting to their behaviors and energies.

Overall, I am learning that the dog is a great teacher for those who wish to learn.

I am ready to grow

I am slowly coming into full term that my service here is to work with others and help them grow. In order to do that, I must always work on myself and continue to learn and evolve. The dog has come to me as a sign and I cannot ignore it. I have a tendency to base most of my decisions, that are not clear to me, on other's experiences. My first instinct is to ask someone living in a small apartment with a dog how they manage their lives, how they make sure to get the dog out several times a day, how much they spend monthly on food, vet etc.

However, all these things do not matter and neither do other's experiences. This is my own decision to make within myself. I must listen to my intuition.

pick me!

So the question is not "Should I get a dog?" but rather "Am I ready to be challenged into my continued growth?"

How can I say "no" to that.....

(feel free to comment your thoughts below)


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