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Islands View

Celebrate Life Retreat

Lefkada, Greece

Celebrate Life Retreat
Celebrate Life Retreat

Time & Location


Islands View, 311, Perigiali 311 00, Greece

About The Event

Gift yourself a moment in time to CELEBRATE LIFE

עכשיו כשהחיים מרגישים קצת כאוטיים, זה בדיוק הזמן לבוא איתי לריטריט תנועה, נשימה ומדיטציה באי היווני המושלם לפקדה.

לקחת שניה הפסקה מהמירוץ ולהיזכר מי אתם באמת ולהתחבר מחדש לעונג והשמחה שלנו.

בואו איתי לשחרר את החסמים שעוצרים אתכם מלהיות הגירסה הכי טובה שאתם יכולים להיות בחיים.

תקבלו כלים יומיומיים לאיזון הגוף והנפש לחיים מלאים בתשוקה, יצירה ואהבה

נצא לריטריט חלומי של 4 ימים במלון בוטיק מושלם בלפקדה, בהם נחווה תנועה, נשימה, מוסיקה ואוכל

מושלם על רקע של זריחות ושקיעות יפיפיות.

Remember who you truly are by reconnecting to the JOY within.

Life can be very chaotic, confusing, challenging, stressful and demanding.

In order to live our best lives-we must connect to our inner joy and peace that we hold within,

Remove barriers that block us from true happiness and remember who we truly are.

During these 4 magical days in Greece, you will experience movement, breath, delicious food, sunsets, meditative states, music, nature, clear blue sea, magic moments and most importantly...true happiness and love.

This retreat is for all (men and women) who wish to upgrade their way of living and take a moment to



טיסות, לינה ושלוש ארוחות שף פרטי ביום

סדנאות יומיומיות (יוגה, מדיטציה, טקסים, נשימות, מיינדפולנס, אמבט קרח ועוד)

פעילויות מהנות (הפלגה בים למערות סודיות, טיולים בטבע למפלים, שוטטות בשקיעה בעיירה יוונית קסומה), ריקודים ומוסיקה

ועוד הרבה הפתעות

Whats included:

Flights, accomodations, 3 private cooked meals.

Workshops throughout each day (yoga, meditation, ceremonies, mindfulness, breathing, ice bath and more).

Fun activities (boat ride to caves, nature walks to waterfall, sunset stroll through magical greek town)

Dancing, music

And many more surprises



עד 18.8

סוויטה עבור 2 משתתפים (מחיר למשתתפ/ת ₪4,099.99

₪4,599.99 חדר יחיד עם מרפסת

חדר עם מרפסת ונוף לים ₪5,099.98

Escape to the enchanting island of Lefkada, Greece, and immerse yourself in Maya Kramer’s "Celebrate Life" retreat – a soul-stirring fusion of Alchemy Yoga, transformative workshops, and unforgettable experiences set against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and crystal-clear waters.

Each day begins with a special session  as you awaken in to the beautiful view of the ocean.  Delight in the delectable aromas of a nourishing breakfast, lovingly prepared by your private cook, setting the tone for a day of exploration and growth.

Dive into the transformative world of Alchemy Yoga, a harmonious union of movement, breath, and alchemical symbolism for all levels. weaving in the stages of alchemical transformation to ignite your inner fire and awaken your true potential.

Every day unveils a tapestry of workshops designed to expand your consciousness and deepen your connection with the present moment. Engage in guided meditations that transport you to the depths of your soul, while the velvety richness of a cacao ceremony opens your heart and enhances your sensory experience.

Unleash the power of mindfulness as you immerse yourself in mindful walking, anchoring yourself to the island's natural beauty. Take a breath-stealing plunge into ice baths, mastering your breath and uncovering a wellspring of resilience within. These practices serve as potent catalysts for inner alchemy, allowing you to shed the unnecessary and embrace your authentic self.

Beyond the planned adventures, "Celebrate Life" is woven with surprises that awaken childlike wonder and ignite newfound passions. Whether it's exploring the beautiful island of Lefkada, experiencing osund journeys and ceremonies  or swimming on hidden caves, each moment promises to enrich your journey.

Join us on this transformational retreat, where you will experience self-discovery, connection, and celebration. Embrace life in its fullest expression and embark on a journey that transcends boundaries, transcends limitations, and invites you to truly "Celebrate Life."


Alchemy Yoga:

You will experience Alchemy Yoga with Maya Kramer which is a holistic and transformative practice that fuses  ancient wisdom of alchemy with  profound principles of yoga, catering to all levels. 

This innovative approach integrates  physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga with the metaphorical journey of alchemy, aiming to transmute the practitioner's inner and outer experiences into a state of heightened awareness and balance.

During Alchemy Yoga with Maya, postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama), and meditation techniques are thoughtfully curated to align with the stages of alchemical transformation. 

Sound Healing:

Ashley Shapiro will elad you through a vibrational journey that will help you transform and move your physical and emotional body.  With the use of specific instruments, music, tones, and other sonic vibrations we can balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit.  Sound Healing involves using specialized sound frequencies to create a therapeutic atmosphere to promote deep rest, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release.

Cacao Ceremony:

A cacao ceremony is a sacred gathering that brings together people from all walks of life to experience the healing power of this magical plant medicine. Cacao ceremonies are, at their heart, a form of shamanic healing.  As part of the ceremony, we will guide you through a range of spiritual practices.

Therapeutic Ice Bath Water:

Resistance to extreme cold will upgrad your consciousness, breathing capacity and health, and  aids muscle recovery, relieves pain, and boosts  mood.

With personal support and preparation,  you will have a safe space to set your intentions, release fear and conquer your limiting beliefs.

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